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Level 1 Exam: September 14-25, 2015

Level 2 Exam: September 7-18, 2015

The CAIA Charter is the globally recognized credential for professionals managing, analyzing, distributing, or regulating alternative investments. The CAIA Charter designation is the highest standard of achievement in alternative investment education and provides deep knowledge, demonstrated expertise, and global credibility in alternatives.

Established in 2002, the CAIA Charter is a comprehensive program comprised of a two-tier exam process through which you may become a CAIA Charter Holder. The Level I exam assesses your understanding of various alternative asset classes and your knowledge of the tools and techniques used to evaluate the risk-return attributes of each one. The Level II exam assesses how you would apply the knowledge and analytics learned in Level I within a portfolio management context. Both levels include segments on ethics and professional conduct.

Program Highlights

  • The credential for alternative investments professionals recognized globally as best-in-class
  • Provides deep knowledge, demonstrated expertise, and credibility in alternatives
  • Includes a two-tier exam process and can be completed in one year
  • Both exams are offered in March and September at more than 300 proctored exam centers
  • Curriculum is updated regularly to include relevant industry developments
  • Provides the gateway to becoming a CAIA Association member
  • Will help you get smart and stay smart about alternative investments
  • Offers continuing education credit for CFP, GARP, IMCA and Pace programs
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Become a CAIA Charter Holder

The CAIA program is a complete curriculum for self-directed study. The CAIA curriculum books and study guides are the only preparation materials endorsed by the CAIA Association and the source of information on the CAIA exams. The curriculum is revised regularly to incorporate relevant industry developments and the latest academic research and is available for purchase online.

Curriculum Books, are available for online purchase and free study guides and resources are available at A minimum of 200 study hours per exam is recommended.

Study Guides Sample exams
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Program Enrollment US $400
Level I Exam Registration US $1,250
Level II Exam Registration US $1,250
Annual Membership Dues US $350

Discounts are available to those who register early and to members of partner organizations. Visit for more information.
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The CAIA Charter Advantage for Employers

Staying ahead of the curve in alternatives and keeping employees relevant, confident, and current requires a commitment to education. The CAIA Charter offers the best-in-class program for alternatives and is the unequivocal choice among global employers who want to keep pace with the changing landscape of alternative investments.

The CAIA Charter provides a framework for evaluating expertise in alternative investments. Global banks, leading asset management firms, consultants, hedge funds, professional service firms, as well as regulators recognize that CAIA Charter Program provides the education that is essential to success in alternative investments.

Table Above: Career value of the CAIA Designation showing percentage of new members who attribute a positive career outcome to the CAIA Charter (Source: February 2013 Survey Data).

Benefits of CAIA Membership

Once you have passed the Level II exam and met membership requirements, you are eligible to join the CAIA Association, which includes 6,900 members in more than 80 countries.  Membership is the gateway to CAIA’s global network , CAIA-preferred job postings, Chapter events, and opportunities to pursue lifelong learning that keeps you current, relevant, and ahead of the curve. Learn more about the benefits of CAIA membership.

What new members say about the CAIA Charter

  • It is good for your career. New members report that earning the CAIA Charter helped them move into a new position (49%), take on additional responsibilities (43%), and increased compensation (20%).
  • It’s practical and relevant. Nearly 90% of members would recommend the CAIA program to a colleague and more than 70% say the program is applicable to their career goals.
  • It increases your marketability. The top three motivations for pursuing the CAIA program are: increased marketability among peers, proficiency in alternative investments, and preparation for future career opportunities.
  • After completing the CAIA Charter program, more than 95% of surveyed candidates rate themselves as proficient in alternative investments, as compared to 45% prior to the program.
Source: New members who attribute a positive career outcome to CAIA, February 2013 survey data.

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