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In the competitive alts landscape, mastery of the broad array of asset classes and the strategies and practices surrounding them is essential. By registering for the CAIA exam, you take a major step in your alternative investment education – and your career.


Most Candidates agree that 200+ hours of study on each level prepares them for the CAIA exams. That's a big commitment, so before you start, there are some things you'll want to know. You’ll find everything you need to set yourself up for success on our preparing page. Exam materials include CAIA Level I and II texts, Study Guides, Work Books, Sample Exams, and a Study Calculator to help you schedule your time. 

A recent survey of CAIA Level II Candidates found that more than 96% considered themselves knowledgeable or very knowledgeable about alternative investments after studying for the CAIA exam.  

Curriculum & Study Tools - New Digital Format Now Available!

The CAIA curriculum and study guides are the only preparation materials endorsed by the CAIA Association and are the CAIA Charter Candidate's best source of information. Our curriculum is revised regularly to incorporate relevant, practical industry developments, and the latest academic research. Curriculum for the Level I and Level II exams were updated for 2022. Our curriculum is available in a flexible, interactive digital format, and may be purchased as a digital format or in combination with three (3) soft cover print volumes. Study guide materials have been incorporated into both formats and both levels reflect up-to-date and relevant practice, strategies, and investment vehicles you might encounter. Need more details? Take a look at the Curriculum Overview to see exactly what’s covered.

A robust, interactive digital curriculum for each Level, incorporating all materials including the Workbooks, Study Guides, and ancillary materials (CFA Standards of Practice Handbook (LI) and CFA Asset Manager Code (LII) is available now for the 2022 exams and may be purchased here.

Scheduling Your Exam

Once you've registered for your exam, you'll receive an email with a link to schedule your exam appointment (or, you can select "schedule your exam" from the navigation bar above after you've registered). Please be sure to schedule your appointment as soon as you can as space may be limited in some locations.