John O'Keeffe, CAIA, Chapter Executive

Head of Boutique Strategy and Business Management, Fidante Partners

CAIA Member since 2006

John is Manager, Debt & Alternatives at the Future Fund, based in Melbourne, Australia.

John joined the Future Fund in August 2009 and works within a group responsible for strategy development and implementation of the debt, cash and public market alternative investment programs. Prior to joining the Future Fund, John had roles researching hedge fund managers at various fund-of-hedge fund managers including Fauchier Partners and Everest Financial Group in Sydney, New York and London.

Future Fund

The Future Fund was established by the Future Fund Act 2006. The object of the fund is to strengthen the Australian Government's long term financial position by making provision for unfunded Commonwealth superannuation liabilities. These liabilities will become payable at a time when an ageing population is likely to place significant pressure on the Australian Government's finances. The Future Fund has received contributions from a combination of budget surpluses, proceeds from the sale of the government's holding of Telstra and the transfer of remaining Telstra shares. The Future Fund Board of Guardians is responsible for deciding how to invest the assets of the fund. Legislation stipulates that money may not be withdrawn from the Future Fund until 2020 except for the purpose of meeting operating costs or unless the Future Fund's balance exceeds the target asset level as defined by the Future Fund Act. As at 30 September 2014 the Future Fund had A$104.48bn in assets.