Puy Carazo, CAIA, Chapter Executive

Head of Wealth Investment Advisory WM Spain

CAIA Member since 2017

Puy has 20 years of experience in financial markets (Asset Management and Wealth Management areas).

She has worked, at Deutsche Bank since 2006. Starting  June 2006, Fund of Fund Manager at DWS Investments SGIIC, head of Fund of Funds Management, including long-only funds (equity and fixed income) and alternative investments (real estate, hedge funds, newcits) and the analysis and fund selection of the local funds. Since 2012, added responsibilities: responsible for Fund Selection in DB Wealth Management. Since 2014 Head of Investment Funds WM Spain. Since October 2017, Head Wealth Investment Advisory Spain.

Prior to her role as Fund of Funds Manager, Puy was responsible for the distribution of third-party products (as Product Manager and Responsible for Investment Funds in Self Bank), for fund analysis (as Responsible for Fund Analysis in CM Capital Markets) and responsible for clients in the regions of Andalucia and Levante (as member of the Sales Area in Banco Popular Gestión SGIIC).

Puy has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Ceu Luis Vives; a Master's degree in Financial Markets from Ceu San Pablo and holds the CAIA certification.