CAIA InfoSeries

Our live InfoSeries webinars offer brief sessions designed to boost your expertise on the latest industry growth areas and share insights into the CAIA exams. Featuring our own curriculum and exams experts, these sessions will encourage and answer your questions. Find out more about what's top of mind in the alternatives industry in quick, interactive sessions.

Live sessions are held every other week, alternating between an industry topic of interest and the opportunity to learn more about the Association.


Spanish-speaker exclusive! Learn more about the CAIA exams - join a CAIA information session in Spanish: 

Description: Por favor únete a Charles Alvarez, Associate Director of Financial Research y a Cody Durant, Assistant Director of Business Development para discutir en una breve sesión sobre el programa Charter de CAIA, y lo que la designación puede hacer para ti. La presentación formal durará aproximadamente 20 minutos con 10 minutos para preguntas y respuestas.


Please join Charles Alvarez, CAIA, Associate Director of Financial Research & Cody Durant, Assistant Director of Business Development, as they provide a brief information session about the CAIA Charter program and what the designation can do for you. The formal presentation will last approximately 20 minutes with 10 minutes for Q&A.

December 13, 2018  -  12:00 p.m. EDT | Register here. | This webinar will be exclusively in Spanish.


Real Estate in Institutional and Individual Portfolios with Brad Case:

Description: Real estate is one of four fundamental asset classes that should be in literally every investment portfolio. Dr. Case will delve into the long-term investment attributes of public and private real estate investments including correlations, volatilities, and returns, and then use those attributes to discuss the role of real estate in mixed-asset portfolios. He will conclude with a discussion of the current real estate market situation including where we stand in the real estate market cycle, macro demand conditions, supply/construction, interest rate sensitivity, the inflation outlook, and current real estate valuations. Please join Brad Case Ph.D., CAIA, CFA, Senior Vice President of Nareit (National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts) for a discussion on the importance of Real Estate as an investment vehicle, why it is important for all investors to consider including this asset class, and a review of the current state of the real estate market. This discussion will be moderated by Keith Black Ph.D., CAIA, CFA, Managing Director of Curriculum & Exams here at the CAIA Association.

Panelist: Brad Case Ph.D., CAIA, CFA, Senior Vice President, Research & Industry Information at Nareit, Keith Black, Managing Director of Curriculum & Exams and Cody Durant, Assistant Director of Business Development

December 18, 2018  -  12:00 p.m. EDT | Register here.



Thinking about the CAIA Exams? Join a session designed for your busy schedule. In a quick, 30-minute live* session, you’ll find out more about:

  • The CAIA Association mission
  • What the CAIA curriculum covers, including new additions to both the Level I and Level II text books
  • How the exams are formatted and what you can expect on test day
  • What tools and resources are available to support you and how best to prepare
  • The final 10 minutes of each session allow for questions.*

Panelist: Cody Durant, Assistant Director of Business Development 

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Thinking about the CAIA Designation? Listen to a quick info session

Description: Managing Director of Business Development AMRS, Millissa Allen, CAIA provided a brief information session about the CAIA Charter program and what the designation can do for you.

Panelist: Millissa Allen, CAIA, Managing Director of Business Development, AMRS

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Navigating the CAIA Fundamentals Certificate Program

Description: By now you may have heard about the CAIA Fundamentals of Alternative Investments Certificate Program, but perhaps you are curious about the content covered, how the program is structured, and how this program has helped over 5,000 industry professionals get up to speed on alternative investments. Join Cody Durant, Assistant Director of Business Development, as he provides a thorough review of the content covered in this online program, a demonstration of how these materials are presented, a review of some of the institutions CAIA has already worked with, continuing education, and answer any questions you have about the program for individuals or for institutions.

Panelist: Cody Durant, Assistant Director of Business Development

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CAIA Stackable Credential Pilot Program Update

Description: In April 2018, CAIA Association announced a new and exciting opportunity for a select group of investment and financial professionals. The Stackable Credential Pilot Program was announced and allows for CFA Charterholders who meet the eligibility requirements, to forego the CAIA Level 1 exams and move directly to the Level 2 exams. Over the past 4 months we have had an opportunity to evaluate the responses to this announcement and want to provide an update on how this pilot program is progressing, some feedback, and what the future holds. CAIA’s CEO, Bill Kelly, and Cody Durant dove into some of the feedback CAIA has been receiving, discussed how this pilot program came to be, and talked about some of the common misconceptions behind the pilot program.

Panelists: CAIA CEO Bill Kelly and Director of Exams Nelson Lacey, CFA, joined Cody Durant, Assistant Director of Business Development

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Big Data Ethics & CADA Updates

Description: As we look to the future of the financial services industry, it is hard to ignore the fact that big data will continue to play a key role in all aspects of this industry. While exciting times lay ahead, we need to be mindful of how we are using this data, what should be allowed, what shouldn’t, and what is deemed ethical use of data. CAIA CEO Bill Kelly discussed these topics as well as some developments on the up and coming new CAIA designation, CADA (Chartered Alternative Data Analyst). The formal discussion lasted approximately 20 minutes with the remaining 10 minutes for Q&A.

Panelists: William J. Kelly, Chief Executive Officer

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The Impact of Digital Technology on the Alternative Investment Industry

Description: Digital technologies are radically reshaping the alternative investment industry, but a large majority of hedge funds firms appear to be too slow to respond. This is the key finding of a new report based on a global survey of hedge funds firms conducted by KPMG International and CREATE-Research. Moderated by CAIA's CEO William J. Kelly, this webinar took a deep dive into the impact digitization will have on the alternative investment industry, the likely disruption managers will face, and how business transformation requires the emergence of digital leaders. Listen to the panelists discuss the stark reality the alternative investment industry is facing: digitize or jeopardize.

Panelists: KPMG'S Anthony Cowell, Partner, Head of Asset Management, Andrew Schofield, Partner, Head of Banking, and Claire Griffin, Director, Asset Management. To learn more about the panelists, click here.

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What About Beta? A View from CAIA

Description: Well on our way into 2018, the markets have presented a few up’s and down’s, but perhaps have left more questions than answers. CAIA’s CEO, William J. Kelly and Assistant Director of Business Development, Cody Durant discussed some of these trends, events, and a general overview on CAIA’s perspectives of what is happening in the markets.

Panelist: William J. Kelly, Chief Executive Officer

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The Case for Alternatives: No Time Like the Present

Description: As equity and bond markets continue their march to all-time highs, and both inflation and volatility begin to make an appearance, the risk of a traditional portfolio experiencing a drawdown has increased significantly. Although hedge funds have appeared to underperform equities the past few years, and correlations have been relatively high across and within asset classes, we would argue diversification has never been more paramount. Charles Alvarez, CAIA, Associate Director of Financial Research, and Cody Durant, Assistant Director of Business Development, discussed the benefits of diversification and reviewed various alternative indices to see how they’ve performed across various market cycles.

Panelist: Charles Alvarez, CAIA, Associate Director of Financial Research

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