Candidates: FAQs Regarding COVID-19

We are committed to supporting our Candidates and Members by providing timely and accurate information during the dynamic nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, we will follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as government and WHO recommendations while working to minimize the impact on our Candidates and Membership.

September 2022 CAIA offers Candidates the option to sit for their exam via online proctoring administered via Pearson VUE's OnVUE platform (OP). Details are outlined below. Currently Pearson VUE can deliver OP exams in all countries except China. If you are residing in China, please contact to understand your options.

Learn more about Online Proctoring here.

When will the OP exam window take place in September 2022? 

The Level I OP exam window will be August 29 – September 4. 

The Level II OP exam window will be September 12 – 18.

I am currently a registered Candidate and have already scheduled my test center appointment. Will I be able to switch to the OP exam?

Yes, you can. The opportunity to select the OnVue OP exam is offered after registration through your CAIA Exam Registration Confirmation Email. 

  • If you have already scheduled your exam at a test center: Please cancel your existing test center appointment PRIOR to opting in for online proctored exam
  • Please log in to your CAIA profile and choose the online proctored option or click here. 

I am going to register for my exam this week. Will I be able to select the OP option?

Once you register for the exam, your CAIA Exam Registration Confirmation email will provide instructions to select the OP option.  

I prefer to test in a test center. If my exam is cancelled by Pearson VUE due to a site closure, will I be able to move to an OP exam? 

Yes, you will be able to select the OP exam should your physical test center appointment be cancelled, assuming the OP window is still open. Appointment availability may be limited.

If I choose the OP exam and change my mind, can I go back to the test center option?

No. It is important to be sure of your decision as once you have chosen the OP exam you will be unable to revert back to a test center exam option. 

How did the global pandemic impact candidates during the March 2022 exam?

During the March 2022 exam window, the global pandemic continued, and some candidates were impacted, although minimally. About 75% of CAIA Candidates tested in test centers. The continued offer of OP exam administration enabled the remaining 25% of Candidates to take the exam safely and successfully at a remote location (home or secure office). 

More information about the cycle is available here.

Do you anticipate an impact to the September 2022 exam window?

Given the ongoing pandemic, it is possible there may be disruptions, however at this time most centers remain open, some with reduced capacity. We are prepared with two options (test center and OP) for exam administration to ensure Candidates may sit for the exam if they choose. Pearson Vue has put in place new procedures at all test centers to prioritize social distancing and your safety. Should individual centers be impacted due to COVID-19, we will work closely with Pearson Vue and with the individual Candidates, as we have in previous cycles, to mitigate the impact, reschedule exams if needed, and support you through this process. 

If I am unable to schedule an exam seat for September 2022, what steps should I take? 

We do appreciate your patience while we continue to monitor and address the situation with our exam administrator, Pearson VUE. We advise you check back to the scheduling area regularly as exam seats become available. Please carefully review any email communications to Candidates and our home page alerts as they will contain critical information to your successful exam experience.

If you have questions at any time, please contact us at

What social distancing and safety measures will be in place at the Pearson Vue test centers when I test in September?

Your safety is our top priority. We have been working closely with Pearson Vue to monitor the situation and follow all global and local guidelines. Pearson VUE’s website is frequently updated with the latest information and they have implemented these health and safety measures at all Pearson VUE owned test centers:

  • Make hand sanitizer available in the waiting area and prior to entering the testing room
  • Increase cleaning and disinfecting regimens in between all testing appointments
  • Provide tissues to candidates upon arrival at the test center
  • Permit candidates to wear a mask or disposable gloves if they choose
  • Remind candidates to wash their hands or utilize hand sanitizer upon arrival at the test center
  • Enforce social distancing recommendations by limiting seat capacity at Pearson VUE centers to half of normal capacity

Under what conditions will Candidates be eligible for a refund? 

CAIA’s refund policy may be found here in the Fee Schedule.

In the unlikely event that our exam administrator Pearson VUE is unable to administer exams during the scheduled exam window, in total or in part, CAIA will consider various options for Candidates in order that they may test in alignment with our policies as described in the  Candidate Policy Manual.  Any corrective actions or remedies due to exam day disruptions are made in CAIA’s sole discretion.

Are CAIA-approved exam prep providers still able to provide services during COVID-19 disruptions?

If you have elected to supplement your preparation with the content and/or services of a third-party prep provider, please contact them directly for more information about their offerings. CAIA’s current understanding is that authorized prep providers continue to offer prep services for CAIA exams.

CAIA authorizes exam prep providers globally, as described on our website. The CAIA curriculum and related study materials found on the Curriculum & Study Tools page are the only preparation resources endorsed by the CAIA Association®. CAIA does not endorse, promote, review, or warrant the accuracy of the courses, products, materials, and/or services offered by any third-party preparatory program provider of CAIA Association–related information, nor does it endorse any pass rates claimed by third-party preparatory program providers. 

If I am unable to sit for the September 2022 exam due to COVID-19, will I be required to pay again to register for the March 2023 exam? Will I be eligible for free webinars and eBook?

In the unlikely event that our exam administrator Pearson VUE is unable to administer exams during the scheduled exam window, in total or in part, CAIA will consider various options for Candidates in order that they may test in alignment with our policies as described in the Candidate Policy Manual.  Any corrective actions or remedies due to exam day disruptions are made in CAIA’s sole discretion.

What is the current curriculum?

There are no changes to the curriculum for the September 2022 exam. Information about the current exam curriculum is available here.

Please note that the CAIA Level I and Level II Curriculum are only available via our digital platform and will be available to you for 18 months from your date of purchase.

Options for Curriculum Access (Available for Level I + Level II)

•   Digital Platform

•   Digital Platform + Print Version (three soft cover volumes)

Contact our digital platform partner direct for any questions: Vanessa Neely, at Wiley Efficient Learning at

Level I will feature new and extended topics that better reflect the role of private capital in today’s institutional portfolios, while Level II will include additional content about the broadening investor base for alternative investments and the tools now available for allocators. Both will be offered to Candidates via our new digital-first format.

To purchase the new curriculum go here.

If I spent 200 hours already studying the 4th edition, how much time will I need to allocate to this new curriculum?

The amount of time Candidates need to feel prepared for their exam varies widely. We encourage Candidates to review the new curriculum, and study guide to plan their studies to better understanding your level of understanding of the material.