Chronicles: Issue 18, August 2021

Dear Investment Professional,

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every sector of the global economy. Yet, due to its effects on both our work lives and our behaviors as consumers, real estate has perhaps seen more uncertainty, disruption, and in some cases, opportunity than others. Look no further than the contentious debates and plans to “return to the office,” which have been further exacerbated by the Delta variant1 for many employees and organizations.

Unlike some asset classes, we all interact with real estate in some way. Whether it’s our living spaces, workspaces, or infrastructure. In this issue of Chronicles of an Allocator, we look at past trends and future outlooks related to real estate investment and share how investors might think about niche subsectors—such as student accommodation, cold storage, and R&D facilities—that have been affected by the pandemic.

Finally, you can learn how investors are using real estate and other real assets as a hedge against inflation during the third installment of our Fundamentals of Real Assets series on August 252 at 12 PM EDT. Register today!


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