Online Proctored Exam FAQs and Resources

OnVUE FAQs: Please click here for FAQs from our OnVUE exam provider, Pearson VUE, for specific questions regarding online proctored exams.

CAIA Exam FAQs: FAQs Related to the Candidate Exam Experience and Additional Details May Be Found Here.

Which format is best for you? Get more information here.

Additional Tips & Techniques for a successful exam.

Get ready! Practice with the OnVUE digital white board here / or view a tutorial here.* 

Need accommodations? Check here for a full list of comfort aids from Pearson VUE.

*Important Update:  Digital whiteboard contents will now be available for the duration of your CAIA exam, throughout both sections, assuming no connection interruption. This is a change from previously provided information.

There is a chat function within the exam where you will be able to ask your proctored for assistance. They will not answer exam content-specific questions. We also highly recommend you contact CAIA at immediately following your exam to notify CAIA of your experience.