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Listen in on conversations with host Bill Kelly, CAIA Association’s CEO and an eclectic group of guests within the world of finance. Hear about their professional or personal journeys, career and life advice, and perspectives on the industry.

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Conversation with Jack Inglis, CEO, AIMA
educational alpha podcast

In this episode, we dive into a fascinating conversation with Jack Inglis, a prominent figure in the financial industry. He shares insights on a wide range of topics, from the challenges of international regulation alignment to the evolving landscape of alternative investments. Discover why due diligence and transparent value-add are crucial when considering hedge fund investments and learn about the importance of diversification and risk-adjusted returns. Jack also comments on global cooperation in addressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues and the impact of regulation on the asset management industry. Get ready for an engaging and informative discussion as we unravel the complexities and opportunities in the world of finance. Listen in!

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