"The initial reason why I completed my CAIA designation was to distinguish myself from my other sales colleagues at J.P. Morgan Asset Management. I saw the rise of alternative products and with the CAIA designation my advice towards clients and colleagues would get that extra professional mark. Not yet knowing that alternatives would be the only area I wanted to work in and more than that, have my own business. Last year I saw an opportunity in the Venture Capital world in Europe. I met many start-ups who had no knowledge and how to finance themselves in the VC world, who is out there and what are the rules.

Many promising start-ups, mainly in the health/med tech space, where the founders have an academic background, do not know how to transform their idea into a business and get the financing. A great niche with an incredible amount of opportunity. This is where I decided to use my alternatives knowledge and start my own business in The Netherlands. I joined up with an healthtech incubator who builds a company around the idea. When talking to the Venture Capitalists who I meet for the first time, having the CAIA designation on my business card is an absolute door opener. My lesson here is; when you are in doubt whether you need the CAIA designation for your current role, try to also think about the next step. It might become even more useful than you can imagine today."

Eddy van den Brink is founder of New Venture Match, an Amsterdam-based company that matches start-ups to venture capitalists. His start-ups have almost all started from an academic background, coming from either an academic hospital or university. Eddy advises professional investors, such as insurance companies, on start-up screening and scouts for VC’s who are looking at the Dutch market. Eddy is a member of the accreditation committee for the Dutch Securities Institute, which is responsible for safe guarding the quality and standards of the exams for the DSI certification. A DSI certification in one of the DSI registers shows that you as a financial professional are up to date on the latest developments in the fields of integrity, knowledge and professional expertise.

Prior to this role, he was an Executive Director at J.P.Morgan Asset Management, a Director of Structured Products at Deutsche Bank, and worked at ABN AMRO Markets for nearly a decade in various roles.