Mukul Pal

When you come from a quant background and understand the limitations of financial data to anticipate the future and are continually seeking new ways beyond mean variance and conventional factors, you naturally get excited going through CAIA’s brilliant content! I came from a statistics and finance background, and I wanted to get deeper insights into alternatives. I felt that becoming a CAIA Charterholder would help me to think about newer product innovations such as smart beta on commodities or an index build on statistical moments. The CAIA Charter Program opened many thought windows for me. It was a fruitful journey that started with acquiring the knowledge, witnessing an explosion of ideas from policy to asset owner’s orchestration, and then becoming a part of growing organization as a Member. I believe that the CAIA Charter has a good chance of becoming the gold standard for investment management, asset allocation, and creating the next generation body of work.

About Mukul Pal.

Mukul has spent over 20 years in global financial markets, in investment management capacities. Working from 2000-2004 for the Bombay Stock Exchange, HDFC Securities, and various financial institutions in India. Between 2005-2010 he consulted for European asset managers and securities divisions of financial institutions like Société Générale, Raiffeisen, Uniqua Insurance, Bucharest Stock Exchange, Bank of Transylvania and beginning in 2011, he built active investing solutions for various wealth managers in North America. He has published extensively, filed several patents, holds an MBA in Finance, a master's degree in applied econometrics and statistics, and holds the CMT and CAIA designations. He received a top fintech award from MIT in 2016. In his current role, he runs an AI company that specializes in automated Smart Beta solutions with a focus on ESG.