CAIA Association and SharingAlpha Announce Winners of the 2017 Asset Allocation Competition

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Competition attracted talent from more than 20 countries.

AMHERST, MA. (DATE) – Late last year, the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association, the global leader in alternative investment education, and SharingAlpha, a user-generated fund ratings and model portfolio platform, announced the launch of a fund selector’s asset allocation competition, pitting investment professionals from around the world against one another in a test of skill. Entrants were required to build a virtual fund of funds, and were judged based on their respective portfolio’s total return between February 1st, 2017 and November 30th, 2017.

Today, CAIA and Sharing Alpha are announcing the winners.

The competition attracted entries from more than 100 professionals in over 20 countries, competing to see who could build the best-performing portfolio. The 2017 winners of the CAIA/SharingAlpha Asset Allocation Competition are:

  1. Alberto Moioli, CFA, CAIA, Senior Advisor, Portfolio Modeling, FinecoBank (Italy)
  2. Nick McBreen, Independent Financial Advisor, Worldwide Financial Planning (UK)
  3. Austen Robilliard, Head of Investments, Murdoch Asset Management (UK)

The winner of the competition is awarded a scholarship to complete Level I of the CAIA Exam if they have not already earned the CAIA Charter.  Mr. Moioli earned his CAIA Charter in 2010.

“There were a number of clearly talented individuals who put their skills on display in this year’s competition, and we congratulate the top three finishers along with all who participated,” said Laura Merlini, Managing Director, EMEA with CAIA. “Asset allocation professionals are tasked with the difficult job of identifying, vetting, and adding exposures to funds and managers often working in uncorrelated and esoteric assets. By its very nature, this role requires a commitment to education, which is something we deliver to all of our Members and which we enjoy discussing with anyone working in alternatives who may be interested in learning more about how the CAIA Charter can assist them in their work and professional development.”

“CAIA has been a wonderful partner for us and it’s been great fun watching our competitors’ portfolios perform over the past several months as the breadth of their investment selections, which included more than 1,100 different funds, highlighted the many different approaches investment professionals have in their efforts to deliver alpha,” added Oren Kaplan, CEO and co-founder of SharingAlpha. “Seeing that fund selectors and investment advisors are judged according to their ability to add value to investors is the exactly the reason we started SharingAlpha, and if this year’s competition is any indication, there are a number of talented fund selectors who will be making their impact in the industry in the years to come.”


About the CAIA Association

The CAIA Association is the world leader in alternative investment education, offering the only education pro­gram uniquely designed for individuals specializing in institutional-quality alternative investments. The Association is best known for the CAIA Charter, an internationally-recognized credential granted upon successful completion of a rigorous two-level exam series, combined with relevant work experience. Earning

the CAIA Charter is the gateway to becoming a Member of the CAIA Association, a global network of more than 9,000 alternative investment professionals located in more than 90 countries.  CAIA also offers the Fundamentals of Alternative Investments certificate program (”Fundamentals”), an introductory-level online course, designed to provide a foundation in the core concepts in alternative investing. This program represents a natural extension of CAIA’s mission to provide solutions to specific market needs for alternative investment education.

To learn more about the CAIA Association, contact Deborah McLean +1 (413) 253-7373. For more information on the CAIA Charter, please visit


About SharingAlpha

SharingAlpha is a user generated fund ratings and model portfolios platform that has become the world’s largest fund rating agency in terms of the number of Fund Analysts contributing to its ratings. SharingAlpha rates funds based on the average rating provided by fund selectors worldwide. Apart from being able to create a better fund rating, SharingAlpha is also able to rank the individual raters in terms of their talent in selecting funds. Their fund selection track record enables the raters to test their analysis, and if they choose the raters are able to present their proven track record to existing and potential clients. Based on the above, SharingAlpha is able to publish a list of both top rated funds and top ranked fund selectors. An additional feature enables investment advisors to build virtual fund of funds and in turn SharingAlpha ranks them based on their performance not only as fund selectors but also as asset allocators. The use of the website is totally free and covers over 100,000 funds listed in 110 different countries.

For more information please contact Oren Kaplan, CEO and co-founder of SharingAlpha, at

"Our competitors’ portfolios [...] included more than 1,100 different funds, and highlighted many different alternative investment approaches." - Oren Kaplan, CEO and co-founder of SharingAlpha