About CAIA

The CAIA Association, a global professional body, pioneers a new era in investment management. At the forefront of the shifting of alternative investment asset classes from 'alternative' to mainstream, CAIA embraces diverse expertise and interdisciplinary knowledge essential for responsible capital allocation and client stewardship. A Member-driven organization representing professionals in more than 100 countries, the organization seeks to prepare investors for a dynamic future, disrupting traditions, creating opportunities, and fostering long-term sustainability.

Our Vision 

Global capital allocation is the engine for delivering pension benefits and individual retirement goals as well as preserving university, foundation and sovereign savings. Efficiently distributing both financial and human capital across the investment industry catalyzes innovation, cultivates societal wealth, and raises the integrity and quality of human flourishing. That virtuous purpose is incumbent on a properly functioning capital market system where training is robust, ethical conduct is consistent and enforced, and incentives of all parties are aligned. It is also dependent on a long-term, diversified approach to allocating that patient capital.

Since 2002, CAIA Association has sought to serve investors by educating industry stakeholders on the most current knowledge and best practices across the ever-changing landscape of alternative investments. Through credentialing of investment professionals, advocating with regulators and senior leaders, and developing world class thought leadership, CAIA aims to raise the standards of the industry. As a member organization, we are joined by CAIA Charterholders in more than 100 countries on mission to collectively foster a true profession that serves the public good.

Our Mission

CAIA Association seeks to improve investment and societal outcomes of capital allocation through professional education, transparency, and thought leadership across all investor alternatives in our industry.

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The CAIA Association® is a global organization with management offices strategically located in Geneva, Hong Kong, and Massachusetts. It was founded by The Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) and The Center for International Securities and Derivatives Markets (CISDM).