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Listen in on conversations with host Bill Kelly, CAIA Association’s CEO and an eclectic group of guests within the world of finance. Hear about their professional or personal journeys, career and life advice, and perspectives on the industry.

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Conversation with Jacob Miller, Co-Founder, Opto Investments
educational alpha podcast

In today's installment, we have special guest, Jacob Miller, the co-founder of Opto Investments, joining us to delve into the fascinating world of private markets. Throughout the episode, we explore Opto Investments' approach, which focuses on providing diversified access to beta and identifying capital partners that offer differentiated opportunities. With a strong belief in the crucial role of Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), Jacob highlights the importance of prescribing suitable remedies for clients' retirement goals and capital while sharing his insights from the selection of top managers to the growing importance of education and long-term investments. Listen in!

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