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Listen in on conversations with host Bill Kelly, CAIA Association’s CEO and an eclectic group of guests within the world of finance. Hear about their professional or personal journeys, career and life advice, and perspectives on the industry.

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Conversation with Gillian Kemmerer, Anchor, Asset TV
educational alpha podcast

For this episode, Bill welcomes a very special guest, sports and business journalist, Gillian Kemmerer. She shares how her experiences as a hockey player and a locker room reporter gave her more empathy for her guests, opened her eyes to the importance of diversity in the workplace, and instilled an appreciation for the evolution of the role of female reporters in the sports industry. But the conversation doesn't stop there. Gillian shares her insights on the importance of democratizing education before product democratization, the concept of "illiquidity premium," and the need for greater access to private market opportunities for investors. Listen in!

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