Thought Leadership

Our research and content partnerships reflect our ongoing commitment to education and transparency in the alternative investments industry. We encourage you to take advantage of these resources, curated by topic, which showcase the expertise of our global community.

A Renewed Professionalism
Renewed Professionalism

The six guiding principles for investment professionals to implement the Portfolio for the Future™

Published October 2022
Portfolio for the Future™
Cover image of Portfolio for the Future report

In a rapidly shifting economic and investment landscape, this much is certain: The traditional 60/40 portfolio allocation is no longer enough.

CAIA Association presents its vision of the way forward with Portfolio for the Future™, a landmark report which lays out a practitioner’s guide to the five essential marks of effective capital allocation.

Published March 2022
The Rise of India’s Private Equity Market
Cover image of India Insights Report

In “CAIA Insights: The Rise of India’s Private Equity Market,” we showcase insights, spotlight opportunities, and summarize our call to action for this fast- evolving sector.

Read our new report, which includes commentary penned by leading PEVC industry specialists, to gain actionable intelligence and be informed.

Published March 2022
Future of Alternatives

As the growth of alternatives experiences a meteoric rise, we offer a four-point call to action: Commit to education; Embrace transparency; Advocate for diversification; Democratize but protect. 

Published April 2020
Due Diligence

Based on the results of a survey of CAIA Members, our team takes a deep dive into the qualitative aspects of manager research and their importance to LPs and GPs.

Published December 2020
Tokenisation of Alternatives
Tokenisation 2021 Best Alts

Tokenisation is the process of creating a digital representation of a non-digital asset. Recently published research with BNP Paribas and Liquefy provides a deeper understanding of the broad spectrum of tokenisation, and potential for democratization, across all ‘alternatives’ categories.

Published February 2021
Environmental, Social, and Governance
ESG Resources

Resources to better understand the ESG risks and opportunities and how to navigate the evolving ESG landscape. 

Published October 2021