Environmental, Social & Governance

Better understand the ESG risks and opportunities and how to navigate the evolving ESG landscape with this aggregated content from our CAIA experts as well as trusted outside resources.

Understanding ESG

ESG Investing Research

ESG is no longer a mere add-on in a portfolio or strategy; for an increasing number of investors in alternatives, a thoughtful approach to ESG issues has become table stakes. As the industry continues to define the role of ESG and develop approaches to measure and analyze the impact of these issues on their portfolios, we encourage our Members and industry professionals to continue to educate themselves about the key trends and developments related to ESG across alternative asset classes. Here we’ve compiled content from CAIA’s many publications, as well as from trusted outside sources, to help you better understand ESG risks and opportunities and navigate the evolving ESG space.

Can Capital Markets Save the Planet?

In a joint effort, KPMG International, CREATE-Research, and CAIA Association examine in detail the role of capital markets in the transition to a low-carbon world. This report investigates the experiences to date of climate investing and the changes we can expect in the next three years, as we move towards a new investment paradigm. The research includes insights from 90 institutional investors, alternative investment managers, long only managers and pension consultants in 20 countries in all the key regions. Download the report here.