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Say goodbye to tired market takes and superficial sound bites. Because here, instead of skimming the surface, we dive into the heart of capital allocation — striking the perfect balance and exposing the subtleties that reveal the topic’s true essence.

Prepare to have your perspectives challenged as we open up the issues that resonate with the hearts and minds of those shaping asset management.

We’ve enlisted the wisdom of visionary leaders in the industry and just like a meticulously crafted wine, we’ll allow their insights to breathe, unfurling their hidden depths and transforming our understanding.


john bowman

John L. Bowman, CFA, Executive Vice President, CAIA Association

John oversees the industry leading CAIA Charter, thought leadership and content development, and CAIA's Asia Pacific strategy. John has devoted over 20 years to the asset management industry to recover the narrative of the value that the investment profession brings to society. He is a staunch public advocate for market integrity, long-termism, investor outcomes, diversity, human dignity and educational standards.

Christie Hamilton

Christie Hamilton, Director, Content and Research, CAIA Association

Ms. Hamilton oversees the organization’s thought leadership and external research efforts. Christie brings over 16 years of experience as a practitioner, having built bespoke investment programs on behalf of a variety of institutional investors. She is an outspoken advocate for accessible investment education, fiduciary responsibility, governance, long-termism, diversity, stakeholder management, and transparency.

A Taste of What’s to Come...




Episode 1: Private Market Valuations with Scott Kupor and Andrea Auerbach

Private Markets Valuations…do these quarterly marks properly represent fair value or are they make believe…contrived from the fictional world of GP machinations?  Do these interim valuations, as one commentator put it, “not matter;” or as another proclaimed provocatively, are they simply a case of “volatility laundering.”  Is the gap or “lag” with public market equivalents relevant…are we anchoring to the right bogey…or arbitrarily comparing objective value to an emotionally manic patient, to paraphrase Warren Buffett?  In today’s episode, our inaugural episode of Capital Decanted, we are going to lean in to this divisive and complex topic with some help from Scott and Andrea.