Innovation Unleashed:

The Rise of Total Portfolio Approach

Total Portfolio Approach

Total Portfolio Approach (TPA) allows for opportunism – investing with a mindset of what is the best investment right now for the overall portfolio, while maintaining allegiance to the portfolio risk budget. 


Exploring strategically the four key dimensions of TPA with industry leaders.


An Empowering Governance Structure

Ben Samild

Future Fund


Investing Through a Factor Lens

Derek Walker & Geoffrey Rubin

CPP Investments


A Competition for Capital Mindset

Charles Hyde

Nz Superannuation Fund


A Single Portfolio Culture

Swee Chiang Chiam



Plus, Jayne Bok of WTW asks the question, “Is TPA right for you?” and provides insights from the eyes of a practitioner and advisor.

For over two decades, CAIA Association’s ethos has been to press the industry forward. We are proud to present this seminal report and are confident it will serve as an accelerant to the larger profession.

We believe Total Portfolio Approach deserves the mobilising oxygen that CAIA’s global convening power can provide to a transformative topic.

John L. Bowman, CFA |  President, CAIA Association