Crossing the Threshold

Mapping a Journey Towards Alternative Investments in Wealth Management

We invite you on an adventure inspired by classic hero narratives found in epic storybook tales! Just as a hero embarks on a transformative journey, wealth management professionals are embarking on their own quest into the realm of alternative investments.

This report mirrors the stages of a hero's journey, from answering the call to venture beyond traditional investments, facing challenges and acquiring insights, to returning transformed with valuable strategies for clients.

Guided by the wisdom of CAIA and the expertise of four industry leaders, you'll acquire the tools needed to ease the transition across the alternatives threshold!


Along this journey, you will meet several industry professionals who will not only shed light on the benefits and risks of alternative investments in client portfolios, but also outline crucial steps in implementing these investments effectively.

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Aaron Filbeck


Sandy Kaul


Fran Kinniery


Sylvia Kwan


Shannon S


Cross the threshold into the world of alternative wealth management and be prepared to be enlightened, challenged, and ultimately transformed by the alternative investments in wealth management insights within this report.

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