CAIA Marks

CAIA - the four letters that visibly represent your expertise, professionalism, and commitment to alternative investments knowledge on behalf of the end-investor.

Who can use the CAIA marks?

The use of CAIA marks is exclusively reserved for active CAIA Members, symbolizing not only achievement but also a commitment to the highest ethical standards and professionalism that define our community.

As such, the use of the CAIA marks is strictly tied to maintaining an active Membership. Should your Membership lapse, the right to display these marks is suspended.

The CAIA marks are recognized symbols of the education and expertise that distinguish the Members from other investment professionals. If the CAIA marks are used improperly, CAIAA may lose its rights to them, making it our collective responsibility to ensure that the CAIA designation remains a trusted symbol of excellence and ethical practice in the global financial landscape.

What are CAIA marks?

CAIA Marks

The CAIA marks include: 

  • Chartered Alternative Investment AnalystSM 
  • CAIA Association® 
  • Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association® 
  • CAIA Association Logo


How can I display my designation on LinkedIn?

We encourage our Members to showcase their achievement on LinkedIn, which is why we offer a CAIA digital badge. As an active Member you may display the CAIA marks proudly after your name and in the License and Certification section. You may also list your LI and LII CAIA exams in the Education section.

If you chose not to renew your Membership, please remove the marks from your LinkedIn profile. As an expired Member you may reflect your CAIA journey on LinkedIn in the Education section and under the License and Certification section with an expiration date only. Please reference the examples below.


Within the License & Certification Section:

Within the License Certifications Section

Within the Education Section:

Within the Education Section

Proper Use of CAIA Marks:

You may use CAIA after your name with or without the registered marks.
Example: Jane Smith, CAIA® -OR- Jane Smith, CAIA.
For details on the proper usage of the CAIA marks, please refer to the Intellectual Property Policy in the Policies section of our website.