CAIA Membership Options

Renew your CAIA Membership annually to access exclusive Member benefits, showcase your dedication to ethical investment practices, and to continue being a part of the ever-growing alternative investment community.

Our annual Membership cycle runs from June 1 to May 31 to ensure uninterrupted access to exclusive CAIA benefits. Renew any time before May 31 to maintain continuous Membership and enjoy our resources, networking, use of the CAIA marks, and educational content.

1-Year Membership
1 year membership

Ideal for professionals looking for annual access to CAIA's resources and community. As a CAIA Member, you gain access to exclusive educational content, professional development and networking opportunities, and use of the CAIA marks. For a comprehensive overview of all CAIA Member resources, please visit our For Members page.

2-Year Membership
2 year membership

Offers a longer-term engagement with CAIA, providing all the benefits of Membership for a two- year term at a reduced rate.

Affiliate Membership
Affiliate Membership

Suitable for CAIA Candidates who have passed the Level II exam and are working to meet the requirements for full Membership. Affiliate Members have access to all CAIA Membership benefits except the use of the CAIA marks and receipt of a CAIA Charter. Please contact to request an Affiliate Membership.

Professional Leave Status Membership
Professional Leave Status Membership

Shifts in your professional journey or personal life shouldn't hinder your ability to showcase your hard work. The CAIA Association offers a Professional Leave Status Membership to those who have been a Member for at least a year and are experiencing the following:

  • Change in profession (no longer working in investment industry)
  • Unemployment
  • Retired
  • Full-time student
  • Parental leave
  • Extenuating Circumstances

Professional Leave status allows for a reduced Membership rate. If you meet the requirements for Professional Leave Status, please contact, so that we may update your Membership status for the reduced rate to be reflected in your renewal transaction.

Have More Questions?

I’ve passed the Level II exam. What are the other requirements for CAIA Membership?

  • holds a bachelor’s degree (or the equivalent) and has one (1) year of professional experience in the field of alternative investment analysis or other regulatory, banking, financial, or related field, OR
  • has four (4) years of professional experience in the field of alternative investment analysis or other regulatory, banking, financial, or related field, OR
  •  is a CFA charterholder in good standing;
  • provides the name and e-mail of two (2) people as professional references; 
  • agrees to abide by the CAIA Candidate and Member Agreement, including the use of the CAIA designation as an exclusive right for Full and Retired Members whose membership is in good standing and fully paid; and
  • submits payment to join CAIAA after passing CAIAA’s Level II exam, and thereafter submits a renewal payment on or before the expiration date of May 31st.
  • Please keep in mind that we offer Affiliate Membership as an option if you do not meet the CAIA Membership requirements when you pass your Level II exam. Please contact to request an Affiliate Membership.

When can I start using the CAIA designation?

  • Once your Membership application is confirmed by an email sent to your primary email address, you have earned the right to use the CAIA designation.

Are there any disadvantages in delaying my Membership registration?

  • With Membership, comes the exclusive right to use the marks. To enjoy a full year of benefits, including the use of the CAIA marks, we encourage you to apply for Membership as soon as possible after passing the CAIA exams.  

Contact for additional assistance.