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Listen in on conversations with host Bill Kelly, CAIA Association’s CEO and an eclectic group of guests within the world of finance. Hear about their professional or personal journeys, career and life advice, and perspectives on the industry. There’s always more to the story …

Conversation with Dick Pfister, CAIA, Founder & CEO, AlphaCore
Dick Pfister Educational Alpha

In this episode, Bill talks with one of the earliest CAIA designation adopters, Dick Pfister, Founder and CEO of AlphaCore. Pfister’s storied career in finance began as a floor trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and has taken a remarkable path that may just parallel the evolution of the industry and client expectations of alternative investments on portfolio outcomes. Listen in.

Conversation with Dr. Margaret Cullen, Founder & Principal, Think Governance, Ltd.
educational alpha podcast

In this episode, Bill welcomes Dr. Margaret Cullen to the discussion about all things governance. A preeminent person in the field of governance in Ireland, Dr. Cullen brings fascinating insight into the world of corporate and investment fund administration. Listen in.

Conversation with Robert J. Rubinstein, founder, and CEO of TBLI Group
educational alpha podcast

In this episode, Bill catches up with Robert Rubinstein, social entrepreneur and driving force behind TBLI Capital – the world’s leading impact investing authority and network focused on education, advising, and connecting investors. Listen in and hear what Robert means when he says, “I have full confidence in the greed of people”.

Conversation with Troy Prince, founder, and CEO, Wall Street Bound, Inc.
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In this episode, Bill chats with Troy Prince, CEO and Founder of Wall Street Bound – a New York City-based nonprofit finance education and training organization. A Wall Street veteran, Troy’s idea to support diverse and underrepresented talent discover careers in the financial services industry took hold over 15 years ago! Hear more about its impact and other defining moments like meeting Warren Buffet, the book he credits with igniting his passion for finance, and why he was determined to learn multiple languages. Listen in!

Conversation with Dr. Bronwyn King, founder and CEO of Tobacco Free Portfolios
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In this episode, Bill talks with a tireless champion for tobacco-free investment, Dr. Bronwyn King. An Australian radiation oncologist, Bronwyn made the horrifying discovery in 2010 that her pension money was being invested in big tobacco. In that moment, she realized that she was working hard to help people suffering from the effects of tobacco use, while investing in the very products that were responsible for their pain. She just couldn’t let that be. Listen in to hear how she started Tobacco-Free Portfolios, a non-profit aiming to eliminate tobacco from investment portfolios globally.