Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative

Cultural recognition and inclusivity is our commitment, and our future. We embrace the richness of our differentness and celebrate inclusivity as a conscious choice.

Our Commitment to Inclusivity and Diversity

At the core of CAIA's values is the belief that engagement and a sense of belonging are essential. To truly engage, one must feel included and valued within our community. Our relentless dedication is aimed at nurturing a culture where inclusiveness is a reflex, and not an initiative but a fundamental aspect of who we are. We firmly believe that recognizing and appreciating different cultures and perspectives is the wellspring of innovation. By valuing diversity and amplifying the diverse voices of our community, we stoke a collective passion that strengthens our connections within the investment profession.


Beyond Demographics: DEI at CAIA

Diversity embodies the tapestry of identities, perspectives, and experiences and goes beyond demographics to encompass individual differences. We recognize that the layers of diversity are broad, extending well beyond gender, race, and ethnicity, and that the US or a single-country lens of “diversity” cannot be applied to other parts of the world.


Our DEI Framework

Moving from words to action, CAIA is committed to fulfilling its mission through strategies that create the right conditions to deliver on our ambitions. Our strategic framework centers on:

  • Amplifying CAIA's voice and influence to drive change.
  • Using metrics to benchmark, measure, and report on progress.
  • Expanding the pipeline of diverse talent. 
  • Championing thought leadership. 
  • Facilitating authentic DEI discussions.
  • Serving as a model for the industry.


Informed by Data

A clear understanding of our current position informs our direction for tomorrow — it provides insights into our strengths and areas that require further development.

informed by data chart

Accountable Leadership 

Sponsored at the highest levels of executive leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusion are recognized as core business interests and a responsibility at every level of the organization. We model DEI benchmarks for the alternative investment industry, where in addition to women, many groups are under-represented.

At CAIA, we're dedicated to fostering a more inclusive and equitable financial industry with these impactful programs through the CAIA Foundation:

  • The CAIA/100 Women in Finance Scholars Program, which empowers extraordinary women worldwide to earn the CAIA designation.
  • The Milken Institute HBCU Strategic Initiative and Fellowship Program addresses the underutilized talent pool from Historically Black Colleges and Universities by promoting diversity in the asset management industry.
  • Wall Street Bound, founded by CAIA Member Troy Prince, is a non-profit that prepares and empowers under-represented youth for success in finance, providing both knowledge and mentorship.

Fostering Inclusion at CAIA


Advocacy through Education

With more than 13,000 Members across 100+ countries, CAIA Association, our Chapters, and Members participate in dozens of DEI events, podcasts, and info sessions globally. And at CAIA Association, in 2022, we began an internal discussion series called DEI at CAIA to facilitate gatherings across all constituency levels for discussions on DEI and create opportunities for engagement. Through conversation, we create connections, build understanding, and a deepened appreciation for the strength within our differences.


We encourage you to join us in asking tough questions, exploring best practices, and seeking insights through dialogue, debate, and discussion.