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To be an ethical, responsible investment professional is to dedicate yourself to a practice of lifelong learning. Earning the CAIA Charter is just the beginning, and CAIA Membership supports your professional journey with access to high-quality content and continuing education, including the latest from the curriculum.

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Lifelong Learning for CAIA Members

To help our Members stay up to date, we provide Follow-On Readings. Like follow-on investments, these Member-exclusive readings represent a reinvestment in the comprehensive education you obtained as a Candidate in the CAIA Charter Program. Each of the selected readings represent the most timely and relevant updates to the CAIA curricula and will be updated annually with new material as it becomes available.

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Follow-On Readings for 2023

This year, we’ve selected eight readings from the CAIA Charter Program.

We’ll continue to release new Follow-On Readings with future curriculum updates, so be sure to read your Member newsletters to find out about new additions to this page.

2023 Level I: With rising commodity prices and substantial inflationary pressures contributing to drawdowns across global equity markets, allocators must face unfamiliar challenges. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Let our Level I readings (re)introduce you to investing in commodities and other real assets to ensure your portfolio is fully covered. With the decline in markets, risk is front of mind for investors. Our readings on Measuring risk and performance can help ensure you’re appropriately monitoring your portfolio. Lastly, investors may be seeking strategies that can help protect their portfolio in these uncertain markets. One place to consider includes our readings on Macro and Managed Futures Funds, which highlight the benefits of these strategies during down markets.

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2023 Level II: Our Level II follow-on readings continue the theme of risk analysis and playing offense in volatile markets. First, we take a deeper dive into risk analysis with our readings on Liquidity and Funding Risks – factors of particular relevance to allocators during challenging market conditions. The next three readings all evaluate strategies for consideration during declining markets: Directional Strategies, Volatility Factors, and Correlation and Dispersion Products. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these investment strategies to see if they are an appropriate fit in your portfolio during these trying times.

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