CAIA Association’s 10 Lessons in Finance 2022 - Lesson 10: SPACs 2.0 – Capital Raising in a Post-Inflationary World


SPACs have become a popular alternative to IPOs over the past 20 years. SPACs offers some advantages to IPOs, and its unique structure of SPACs is ideally suited for growth companies with novel, hard-to-value business models. With the return of inflation and high interest rates, the sustainability of some of these business models have come under question. Also, the structure of SPACs have come under scrutiny in the US and elsewhere, with different jurisdictions trying different approaches to refine their regulations to offer transparency and address investor protection concerns.

In this webinar, CFA Institute staff presented their report on SPACs, covering structure and its features, and more importantly their recommendations for improvement. This was followed by a panel discussion on how SPACs are evolving in APAC, and the way forward.