CAIA Association’s 10 Lessons in Finance 2022 - Lesson 5: Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) – An Emerging Investment Avenue


Alternative investment funds (AIFs) have gained much traction in India and overseas in recent years, especially among high net-worth individuals, as they warm up to sophisticated capital market instruments. With the increasing popularity of the product it becomes very important to provide better access to these products in terms of disclosures and benchmarking to enable investors take an informed decision.

During the course of the presentation we discussed in detail the benchmarking of AIFs. It helped the audience gain insights into the following aspects:
1. AIF as an important avenue to invest in India
2. Nuances of benchmarking in AIFs
3. Various categories and sub-categories of AIFs present in India
4. Trends observed in AIF benchmarks in the past 2 years and methodology used to calculate the benchmarks
5. Qualitative aspects to consider before investing in an AIF