CAIA Association’s 10 Lessons in Finance 2022 - Lesson 7: Investment Risk Management


Investment Risk Management is an intriguing but complex area and the objective of this webinar is to simplify it.

The overall value of investment faces threat from various risk factors and it is vital to uncover all of them for a healthy financial ecosystem. Key risk groups, such as market, credit, operation, and liquidity are at play at different times for different entities. Risk management can be accomplished by diversification using alternative investments. However, Financial institutions, in times of crisis or otherwise, are required to use regulatory and supervisory oversight to define a meaningful risk-appetite framework and accomplish risk management.

Key Aspects covered:
- Risk types and their role
- Deciphering Investment Risk Management
- Investment Risk Management: Emerging trends and Challenges
- Alternative Investment and risk management
- Regulatory considerations
- Risk Appetite