CAIA Southwest Presents - The Rise of Venture Debt: Opportunities and Best Practices for Institutional Investors


Learn from a group of expert venture lenders and allocators who discussed relevant topics including:

- What are the key features of venture debt from an investor's perspective?
- Why is venture debt now viewed as one of the most attractive and opportunistic investment strategies in the market?
- How does the failure of Silicon Valley Bank create opportunities for non-bank lenders specifically?
- What is the historical risk and return of venture debt?
- How do you mitigate risk in venture debt?
- How are deals sourced, screened, underwritten, and managed to provide optimal risk-adjusted returns?
- What types of investors are involved in venture debt and what is driving demand in each investor segment?
- Where does venture debt fit into an investor's portfolio?
- Why is venture debt very likely to outperform over the next few years?