COVID-19 and Climate Change: A conversation with Jason Mitchell, Man Group

May 29, 2020

Laura Merlini, CAIA, Managing Director at CAIA Association talked with Jason Mitchell, Co-Head Responsible Investing, at the Man Group for his perspective on Climate change and Covid-19.
Global problems require global solutions -- another lesson learned as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic in the year of the Earth Day 50th anniversary – that may lead to a deeper understanding of the ties that bind us on a global scale and should boost a coordinated reaction to address the Climate change threat. Jason discusses the focus on renewables, after the collapse in oil prices, as a now concrete option. Oil volatility is problematic if you are a business wanting a capacity plan. Renewable energy has a smoother trade range. The interview also addresses the idea of a shared economy in the post-pandemic era, the consequential tight restrictions on social gatherings, how this will affect the way we live our cities and, as a consequence, climate change.