Earning the CAIA Charter: Your Questions Answered.


Preparing for, taking, and passing the CAIA exams is challenging — and for good reason! A CAIA Charterholder represents a demonstrated level of competency and an unwavering commitment to a set of ethical standards critical for client-focused fiduciaries. CAIA's EVP, John Bowman, CFA, Managing Director, CAIA Curriculum, Steven Novakovic, CAIA, CFA, and Director of Candidate and Member Relations, Mirjam Dekker, hosted an "Ask Us Anything" virtual Q & A session for an exclusive opportunity to ask any questions about the CAIA exam and navigating the path to becoming a CAIA Charterholder. Learn from other participants' questions and hear a few tips for ensuring a successful exam experience! This session was open to all who were interested in learning more about either the Level I or Level II CAIA exam.