A New Vantage Point: Applying the Total Portfolio Approach to Wealth Management Portfolios


A handful of institutional investors have broken the mold when it comes to asset allocation and portfolio construction across public and private markets. By re-imagining the investment process, the role certain asset classes and strategies fit into a portfolio, many have unlocked an attractive return stream relative to other institutions. We captured some of these examples in a recent report, Innovation Unleased: The Rise of the Total Portfolio Approach, and a common question has been - how might these tenants apply in wealth management?

Moderator Aaron Filbeck, UniFi by CAIA, was joined by esteemed panelists Carlin Calcaterra from Ares Wealth Management Solutions, Tony Davidow from Franklin Templeton, Patrick McGowan from Sanctuary Wealth and Shana Sissel, Banrion Capital for an engaging presentation with an introduction to the Total Portfolio Approach, panel discussion and questions answered.