Revolutionizing the Financial Industry Through Python and Open Source

August 15, 2023

Didier Rodrigues Lopes, Founder & CEO of OpenBB discussed his journey from the pain points of doing investment research and how this led him to start building his own investment research platform in Python and raising $8.8M to democratize investment research through open source. He introduced the OpenBB Terminal - the open source investment research platform, and some of its capabilities. In addition, he presented the OpenBB SDK which allows programmatic access to the data from the OpenBB Terminal, allowing quants, analysts and developers to build custom tools and dashboards. Dr. Hossein Kazemi, Senior Advisor for CAIA Association and FDP Institute moderated the session and Cordell Tanny, Founder & CEO of Trend Prophets showed how he uses OpenBB to replicate some advanced Bloomberg charting techniques required for macroeconomic analysis.