Blog Submission Guidelines

Looking to share your expertise? The CAIA blog, Portfolio for the Future, delivers insightful, practical content from trusted contributors across the global investment industry. We look forward to working with you.

Editorial Guidelines for Portfolio for the Future Blog Submissions

Following are some steps and guidelines to help you with your submission.

We publish articles on a rolling basis and are always accepting new submissions from professionals within our industry. You do not need to be a CAIA Member to contribute.

Our articles are practical and industry-related and not promotional or political in nature. Articles may have been previously published, but the author must own the copyright. Authors may republish their own articles from our blog on other channels, but we do not permit unauthorized use of our content otherwise.

For content focused on CAIA topics, please send an email with an outline or draft of your submission attached to, directed to Managing Editor, Rich Wiggins. We should respond within a week with next steps and/or edits. If you are interested in writing on a specific topic but need help developing your angle, let us know and we can work with you.

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Audience: Our target audience is the typical CAIA Member, who is already familiar with the fundamentals of alternative investments and is looking for practical, educational content that can help them thrive as professional fiduciaries.

Topics: The blog categories on the blog home page provide an overview of the different segments we cover. We focus predominantly on alternative asset classes.

Specifications: Average posts are 800-1,500 words, with a maximum word count of 3,000. Longer pieces that deal with complex topics will be considered. Some topics may be suitable for serialized coverage.

Bylines: Please submit your byline as you would like it to appear, along with any designations, including CAIA, CFA, etc. You may also submit any social media handles and a short (2-sentence) description of you or your company to appear at the bottom of the article.

References: Please include in-text anchor links to any papers and research referenced in the piece when possible. If you need to reference a physical or non-digital source, such as a book, use endnotes.

Graphics: Graphics are encouraged and should be submitted as individual jpegs and numbered to correspond with the graphics in the submission. Charts (horizontal or vertical) should be minimum 1000 pixels wide and at least 575 pixels tall (at 1000px width) and in jpeg format.