Chronicles: Issue 8, October 2020

Dear Investment Professional,

As the world turns its attention to the United States presidential election and its implications for the global economy, capital markets, and geopolitical trade winds, investment professionals must remain steadfast. Politicians, whatever their creed, come and go; professionals are here to stay. As a collective, we exist to serve investors and deliver appropriate investment outcomes, regardless of governmental influence around the world.

CAIA Association aims to defend this purpose, while also seeking to mitigate the shortcomings that continue to plague our industry’s reputation and relationships with clients. We recently penned a comment letter to the US Department of Labor challenging what we feel is a false dichotomy between financial and social outcomes. CAIA strongly believes any investment professional must weigh the inevitable long-term effects of material issues like climate change and workforce integrity on future cash flows of organizations. To us, these considerations are not about just about values, but rather enterprise value.

Enjoy this issue. It’s loaded with excellent pieces on sustainable investing, converting alternative data to alpha, and the dynamic future of private capital.


John L. Bowman, CFA, Senior Managing Director, Twitter, LinkedIn

Keith Black, PhD, CFA, CAIA, FDP, Managing Director Content Strategy, Twitter, LinkedIn

Guowei Jack Wu, CFA, Content Director, CAIA APAC, Twitter, LinkedIn

Aaron Filbeck, CFA, CAIA, CIPM, Associate Director, Content Development, Twitter, LinkedIn