Chronicles of an Allocator

December 2022: It’s Been Quite a Ride - A Collection of Insights from APAC

Issue 34, December 2022

At the CAIA Association, a global mindset encompasses the understanding of globalization and how interconnected each region of the world is economically, politically, and socially. For this month’s edition of Chronicles, we turned to Jo Murphy, Managing Director, CAIA APAC to contribute insight and perspective on 2022 as a year of sustained momentum for the APAC region.

The end of another year is directly in sight. For APAC, as with much of the world, it’s been quite the ride.  The global triumvirate of geopolitical worries, escalating inflation, and rising interest rates have certainly offered up a great deal to contend with. This year’s public markets sell-off has created a significant denominator affect and left much of the private markets community – notably private equity – set to the brace position as investors scramble to contend with the relative value of less liquid investment holdings and how they should be handled.