Nominations for Board of Directors

Call for Nominations

We are accepting nominations to the CAIA Board of Directors on a rolling basis. Show your commitment to the CAIA Association by submitting a nominee. This is an opportunity to shape the future of our organization and contribute to the advancement of alternative investments throughout the industry. 

Nominating candidates to the Board of Directors is a valuable service to the Association and your thoughtful consideration of this process is greatly appreciated.

Board Composition and Terms

  • Board members are eligible to serve two three-year terms.
  • There are currently ten (10) Board Members including the CAIA Association CEO.
  • Board Committees currently include an Audit Committee & Nominating Committee.

Expectations and Time Commitment

Proposed candidates must agree to be fully available for Board work during their term.

General Expectations

  • Oversee, evaluate, and support the Chief Executive Officer.
  • Provide counsel and direction on the organizational strategy and the larger investment industry.
  • Exercise fiduciary duty over the organization’s mission and assets.
  • Actively participate and engage at board meetings and sub-committees, if assigned by the Chair. Board Committees currently include an Audit Committee & Nominating Committee.
  • Serve as an ambassador for the organization’s mission, purposes, goals, and programs. 
  • Represent the CAIA Association at industry events on an as-needed basis.

Time Commitment

CAIA currently holds four board meetings each calendar year. Three of these meetings are virtual and under two hours. The annual meeting is typically a full day to day and a half with a social dinner and is held in a financial center in either the US, EMEA or APAC. CAIA reimburses for all travel-related expenses. Periodically, in between board meetings, directors will also be called upon for guidance, counsel and event participation.


The Submission Process

All nominations should be emailed to

A nomination submission should contain:

  • Your Name and Contact information.
  • Name and Contact Information of the Nominee.
  • Nomination Statement:
    • If self-nominating, a brief statement from the nominee indicating their interest in serving and any special qualifications.
    • If not self-nominated, a brief statement from the nominator attesting to the nominee's qualifications and reasons they would make a good candidate.