Havell Rodrigues, CAIA

“I was able to leverage my CAIA Membership and education to expand my career and become a risk manager and then a hedge fund of fund portfolio manager.” – Havell Rodrigues

I became a CAIA Member in 2006 while working at a hedge fund in Boston. I was new to the hedge fund industry and was looking to immerse myself in the alternative investments world and found the CAIA program extremely helpful. I was able to leverage my CAIA Membership and education to expand my career and become a risk manager and then a hedge fund of fund portfolio manager.

After leaving the hedge fund world some 10 years later, I entered the fintech entrepreneurship world, focusing on the multi-factor equity modeling industry. I was able to use my education and experience to help build a platform allowing quantamental asset managers to build their own multi-factor models using large amounts of fundamental and technical data, back test, and statistically validate them before beginning production. My last startup was in the blockchain space, initially focused on using DLT in the OTC derivatives and structured products trade settlement world. We later pivoted to treasury cash management, and then built alternative financing models for small business lending.

I have enjoyed reviewing updated education materials from CAIA to stay on top of the trends, as well as immersing myself deeply in new topics.

In my latest, and hopefully last career move, I have pivoted to impact investing. I am putting all my past alternative investments and fintech experience to good use, building an impact platform focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and aiming to close the racial and gender wealth gap. The platform enables economic mobility for BIPOC and female entrepreneurs to use our mini-buyout fund to acquire existing cashflow-generating small businesses that are for sale due to baby boomers retiring. I am looking forward to using leveraged private equity financing, first-loss capital structures, evergreen fund models, and other innovative alternative finance structures to create the widest possible impact.

Havell is the Founding Partner of New Majority Capital, a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion focused private equity Impact Fund. Prior to this, he was CEO and co-Founder of Adjoint Inc., an enterprise FinTech company based in Boston and London that started out as an enterprise blockchain company that later pivoted to a small business lending platform. Prior to this, he worked as Chief Revenue Officer for a predictive data analytics FinTech startup and as Founding CFO/Board Member of a payments startup which was acquired. Before Fintech, he worked at a Hedge Fund in business development, risk management, and fund-of-fund portfolio management. He has an MBA from Babson College and a BS-Statistics from the University of Mumbai. He is a CAIA Charterholder, a NextGen Venture Partner, and a charter member of TiE Boston.