Everything is an alternative.

Next is here.


A new era of portfolio construction.

CAIA® is the globally-recognized credential for professionals allocating, managing, analyzing, distributing, or regulating alternative investments.


Unlock Opportunities with New Insight.


Embrace Evolving Strategies for Future Innovations.

Analyzing Risk
and Return

Evaluate Unique Risk Characteristics to Leverage Opportunities Effectively.


Ahead of the Curve: A Curriculum in Practice 

The remarkable journey of the CAIA curriculum’s development, meticulously shaped by investment professionals ensuring it exemplifies rigor, contemporary best practices, and a forward-looking approach, is unveiled within this exclusive download. Read about the curriculum’s evolution, which offers a glimpse into the significant industry advancements you can expect to be immersed in.

The CAIA Curriculum:
Built by Investors, for Investors.

Included with your program registration at no additional cost, our official curriculum is updated regularly to incorporate relevant, practical industry developments and the latest academic research.

Level I
  • Ethics
  • Intro to Alts
  • Real Assets
  • Private Equity
  • Private Debt
  • Hedge Funds
  • Digital Assets
  • Additional Strategies
Level II
  • Emerging Topics
  • Universal Investment Considerations
  • Models
  • Institutional Asset Owners and IPS
  • Risk and Risk Management
  • Methods for Alternative Investments
  • Accessing Alternative Investments
  • Due Diligence and Selecting Managers
  • Volatility and Complex Strategies

Disrupt Traditional Strategies

By Enhancing Longevity and Resilience Across Market Cycles.


Within Emerging Industries, Innovative Tech, and Niche Markets.

Gain Long-Term Sustainability

By Navigating Market Cycles with More Diversification.

Join the credential and professional network that is shaping the future of investing.

Demonstrate your commitment to superior professionalism, upholding industry standards, and continued learning. Successful completion of the two exams puts you among an elite group of more than 13,000 professionals worldwide.


Frequently Asked Questions

Embrace Alternative Investments for Future Innovations.
What study materials are available?

The CAIA curricula are written and prepared by the CAIA Association and are the only resource used to write exams. Program materials are reviewed and updated annually by industry experts and practitioners. For your convenience, the Level I and Level II curriculum is available in digital format and included with each new Candidate registration. You may also purchase a print version here

When is the next CAIA exam?

The Level I CAIA exam will be administered from March 4, 2024 to March 15, 2024; the Level II CAIA exam window is from March 18, 2024 to March 29, 2024.

What is the registration deadline?

Early registration – which comes with a significant discount for first-time Candidates – begins October 9, 2023 and ends on December 4, 2023. Regular registration ends on February 12, 2024. Please see registration and fees for more details.

Do I have to take the exam in person?

No. We offer an online-proctored option as well. Carefully read the OnVUE physical and system requirements to determine if you meet the technology requirements.

What is the timeline for completing the program?

A minimum of 200 hours of study time is recommended for each exam level. The Level I and Level II exams are offered twice each year, in September and March, giving candidates the opportunity to complete the CAIA program within a single year, should they choose to do so.

What do I achieve after successfully completing the program?

After passing the Level II exam you are eligible, with relevant professional experience, to join the CAIA Association as a Member and receive the CAIA Charter. You will be part of an elite group of more than 13,000 professionals worldwide. Only after joining the Association are you eligible to add the CAIA designation to your professional profiles.

What is the cost of the CAIA Charter program?

For first-time Level I registrants, there is a one-time enrollment fee of US$400 plus a standard registration cost that includes the digital curriculum of US$1,395. Learn more about our early registration discount and fee policies here.