CAIA Association & ComplianceAsia - APAC’s Compliance and Regulatory Landscape: Key Themes and Trends to Keep You Updated and Informed

March 22, 2023

APAC’s Compliance and Regulatory Landscape continues to evolve. With impacts from western regulatory leaders increasingly being adopted, alongside homegrown developments, fast-paced integration and change is certainly seen throughout the APAC. This too is presenting a more unified field and robust framework across the industry.

To learn more, watch to hear from ComplianceAsia’s Founder and CEO – Philippa Allen – as she shared her insights on core themes impacting the field, touched on recent enforcement trends, spotlighted advancements in cybersecurity, AML, and took us through suggestions on what’s likely ahead.

Philippa’s presentation was followed by a conversation moderated by CAIA’s APAC Managing Director, Jo Murphy where themes showcased during the presentation were discussed and audience questions addressed.