ESG in Private Markets - Session 1 of a Series: Public to Private Markets


ESG is no longer a mere add-on in a portfolio or investment strategy. For an increasing number of investors in alternatives, a thoughtful approach to ESG issues has become table stakes. As the industry continues to define the role of ESG and develop approaches to measure and analyze the effect of these issues on their portfolios, industry professionals must continue to educate themselves about the key trends and developments related to ESG across alternative asset classes.

Listen to CAIA, in partnership with Nuveen, on a thought-provoking webinar series organized exclusively for the benefit of institutional investors across the world. In this first session, we discussed the role of data and disclosure as investor interest moves to private capital. We seek to answer the overarching question: what are some of the lessons public market investors have learned that can be mitigated or avoided in private markets?