Film & TV Media Investments: 2022's Hot New Alternative?

April 06, 2022

Covid may have decimated box office returns over the past few years, but with ever increasing eye-watering amounts being spent annually on content by streaming giants creating an unprecented, highly exuberant buyers market in the global media industry, is media now poised to become the next hot alternative for investors? In this webcast, learn from fellow CAIA Member and Media Alternative Asset Manager Adam Guy Orlebar Garrett on how the increased competition from Amazon, Apple, and Disney+ to win subscriber market share from Netflix has irrevocably changed the media industry, what opportunities this is now opening up for investors looking to diversify their investments with an asset class completely uncorrellated to all other financial markets, what the important risks investors entering the media industry for the first time need to be aware of, and what practical advice can be given to investors based in Asia wanting exposure in their portfolios to this burgeoning asset class.