Headshot of Kavithan Pathmamohan

"Having worked with traditional asset classes for a number of years in various roles, I came to the conclusion that they were saturated and had limited scope for future development and in particular, areas where I personally would be able to add value. Browsing through the CAIA curriculum opened my eyes to the vast array of asset classes such as Private Equity, Hedge Funds and Structured Products that I had very limited knowledge of. I therefore made the decision to pursue the CAIA Charter alongside my CFA studies to enable me to get a better understanding of alternative asset classes that I had not had much exposure to in my career up till then. As a member of the Portfolio Intelligence team working closely with our firm’s Portfolio Managers and various other teams, I felt this additional knowledge and understanding would enable me to bring a new dynamic to discussion and analysis in my day job."

Kavithan is a Senior Investment Management Analyst working in the fiduciary arm of Mercer Investments covering all institutional client portfolios. He previously worked in Wealth Management before making the move to Mercer Investments, starting in the Manager Research department.

He holds a BSc (Industrial) Mathematics with Finance degree from the University of Leeds and an MSc in Banking and Finance from Queen Mary’s, University of London. He received his CAIA Charter in November 2018 and CFA charter in August 2019.