CAIA Association Announces “Bundled Access” to its Curriculum with Exam Registration as Part of Ongoing Push to Further Professionalize the Alternative Investment Industry

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Digital access to CAIA’s industry-leading curriculum is now standard for those registering for March 2023 exam cycle, democratizing access across markets and regions.

AMHERST, MA, (September 28, 2022) – As part of its ongoing effort to professionalize the global alternative investment space, the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association is today unveiling an innovative new approach that provides bundled access to its industry-leading curriculum beginning with candidates planning to sit for the March 2023 CAIA exam.

When registration opens on October 3rd, CAIA is lowering the price for early enrollment which, combined with the new bundled approach to delivering the CAIA curriculum, is designed to encourage more professionals to not only pursue their CAIA Charter but also begin studying the relevant materials as early in the process as possible.

“Alternatives have gone mainstream, and investment professionals putting alternatives to work, researching alternative approaches, and managing alternative exposures owe it to their end clients to be as educated and prepared as possible,” said John L. Bowman, Executive Vice President of CAIA Association. “This new model, which we are thrilled to be unveiling, incentivizes CAIA candidates to begin their studies as early as possible, and democratizes access to our curriculum, a powerful tool not only for the individual but for our collective space as we strive to move towards a more client-centric model in alternative investing.”

CAIA’s curriculum, which is regularly updated to stay at the forefront of the fast-growing and fast-evolving alternative investment universe, is the benchmark standard for professionals operating in this space; and with this new approach, candidates can access the curriculum and begin their preparations sooner, better setting themselves up for success and helping ensure they retain more of what they learn during their studies.

“As more diversified portfolios continue to gain traction around the world, it is essential we look for ways to open more doors to a global audience, and this new, flexible approach to early registration and curriculum access is one we think will have a major impact in drawing more professionals to the CAIA table from developing markets around the world,” added Joanne “Jo” Murphy, Managing Director, Industry Relations, Asia Pacific with CAIA Association.

“Earning the CAIA Charter is so much more than passing an exam, it is a true learning experience and rite of passage,” Bowman continued. “At the center of that learning experience is the curriculum, which is designed not only to impart knowledge but also to educate our candidates on what it means to be a true professional in this space, adhering to the highest ethical standards and placing client interests at the heart of their decision making.  We could not be more excited to be rolling out this streamlined and elegant advancement to help usher in the next generation of investment professionals.”

For more information on this new bundling approach and important dates and updates around the next CAIA registration cycle, please visit:

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