Requests for exceptions to standard testing procedures are considered only under special circumstances. Please note that accommodations are not typically granted and must be substantiated with appropriate documentation. Online Proctored exams are considered a special accommodation.

Requests for an exception to standard testing procedures must be submitted via email to the CAIA Association at accommodations@caia.orgThe request should be made AFTER registering but BEFORE scheduling an exam appointment with the test provider.


Test Center Accommodations

Supporting documentation from the physician(s) treating the condition for which you are requesting special accommodations is required. Documents should attest to a diagnosis and the condition's relevance to the special testing conditions you are seeking. This documentation should be current and signed by the treating physician(s). Learning disability documentation needs to be current within the last three years.

All special accommodations, once approved by the CAIA Association, will be forwarded to Pearson VUE, the testing provider who, in turn, will work directly with the individual to schedule the exam appointment. For the testing provider to make suitable arrangements, please submit this request no less than six weeks prior to the testing window. If less notice is given, every effort will be made to provide reasonable accommodations, but special accommodations cannot then be guaranteed.


Online Proctored Exam as an Accommodation

Before requesting the accommodation of an Online Proctored exam, determine the following:

  • Review the exception requirements below
  • Check the Pearson Vue website and familiarize yourself with the OP experience 
  • Complete a systems test and determine if your device is ready for an online exam
  • Online exam candidates can NOT make use of pen and paper, familiarize yourself with the Digital White Board Tutorial and Tips

Note: Digital whiteboard contents will now be available for the duration of your CAIA exam, throughout both sections, assuming no connection interruption. This is a change from previously provided information.

Exception Requirements
The following conditions may be considered:

  • Permanent or temporary medical/physical/mobility limitation and or learning disability making it difficult or impossible to get to a test center.
  • Immuno-compromised or other health risk to themselves or others, including COVID.
  • As an appropriate alternative arrangement that is supported in the OnVUE testing Environment. 

Note: Extended time is NOT available for online proctored exams

Next Steps for an Accommodation of an Online Proctored Exam

Step 1: Contact CAIA at with your request for online proctored testing, please include the reason for your request. Please submit this request no less than six weeks prior to the testing window.

Step 2: When your request for online testing meets the exception guidelines, the CAIA Accommodations team will share the Application for Online Proctored Exception form.

Step 3: Following the submission of your application form, you will receive a link for a CAIA online DEMO exam.

  All applicants must successfully complete the DEMO exam. The DEMO exam is to be treated like a ‘real’ exam. All guidelines and policies must be followed, including and not limited to ID and test environment requirements.

Step 4: Upon review of your DEMO experience, approval to participate in the online proctored CAIA exam is upon the discretion of the Accommodations team. When approved, you will be provided details to schedule your online proctored CAIA exam.*


*It is important to be sure you meet the system and environmental requirements to be able to utilize the OP exam modality. Once you are approved and accept this accommodation, you will not be able to revert back to a test center for the exam.


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