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Hear our expert staff and Members speak on topics ranging from practical strategies in hedge fund investing to the importance of education in the alternatives space.

Thomas Meyer discussed his new book and, together with Jacob Perner, explained how the concepts presented can be applied to the management of private asset portfolios.

Private debt is an enormously popular alternative investment asset. Given its volume history and upward trajectory, there is no wonder why private wealth management teams find it compelling.

Master this in-demand industry knowledge with the UniFi by CAIA™ Private Debt Microcredential.

In this session, we shared why this microcredential is designed specifically to meet the private debt educational needs of the broader private wealth management industry, including asset management/GP distribution, intermediaries, and independent financial advisors.

We also gave an "inside look" at a private debt module and how to access the UniFi by CAIA™ platform to get started immediately!

The market for secondary investments has dramatically shifted in recent years with the evolution of GP led transactions. CAIA Philadelphia hosted a panel discussion that dove into the myths and realities around alignment of interests, trophy versus tail end assets, and buyer and seller motivations.

Nowadays, the availability of alternative data and their adoption in the asset management industry to improve investment decision processes is a widespread alternative approach. It comes with the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques that allow the processing of these data, reducing their noise, and converging Big Data into Smart Data.

Russ Goyenko discussed with Dr. Hossein Kazemi how long-term investors should form portfolios. They delved into how they should evaluate securities, portfolios, and managers. Watch to learn more about how they adapt to time-varying expected returns, volatilities, correlations, and many factors, signals, and strategies.

APAC’s Compliance and Regulatory Landscape continues to evolve. With impacts from western regulatory leaders increasingly being adopted, alongside homegrown developments, fast-paced integration and change is certainly seen throughout the APAC. This too is presenting a more unified field and robust framework across the industry.

To learn more, watch to hear from ComplianceAsia’s Founder and CEO – Philippa Allen – as she shared her insights on core themes impacting the field, touched on recent enforcement trends, spotlighted advancements in cybersecurity, AML, and took us through suggestions on what’s likely ahead.

Philippa’s presentation was followed by a conversation moderated by CAIA’s APAC Managing Director, Jo Murphy where themes showcased during the presentation were discussed and audience questions addressed.

In Q4 2022, Coinbase surveyed 140 institutional investors to gauge the sentiment of digital assets. 72% of respondents had a positive view and indicated that digital assets are here to stay. While many institutions may not have made a direct investment into digital assets (i.e. buying bitcoin), exposures to digital assets and blockchain technology are very likely in the vast majority of institutional portfolios whether it be through a venture capital fund, hedge fund, or publicly traded company. Given the prevalence and outlook for continued growth in this area, it is essential for investors to know what is in their portfolio and how it differs across the different avenues.

Are you familiar enough with the alternative investment landscape, and ready for all that’s ahead? What Do You Need to Know?

The world of alternative investments and interest in them has never been greater. Stimulated by investors keen to seek alternative forms of investment products, delivering differentiating return sources, and diversifying away from a more traditional equity / fixed income and cash portfolio, understanding this sector is key.

Watch as Jo and Will shared their views, provided key take-aways and answered your questions to ensure you’re ready to take advantage of what future career opportunities might hold.

This session covered the fundamentals of private debt strategies, followed by a short, moderated panel discussion on some current events and other considerations when looking at this $1 trillion+ industry.

Coverage included:

- The history and growth of AUM in these strategies
- Structural considerations of private loans
- An overview of the most common private debt strategies
- Expectations for risk and return

In this fireside chat and live demonstration, Cordell Tanny shared with Dr. Hossein Kazemi his journey through his financial services career and how it led him to the FDP designation. He described his experiences with the program and how the material learned in the curriculum helped him not just advance his knowledge of how machine learning and AI can be used in finance, but also how to apply many of the concepts to his daily workflow. By the end of the presentation, the audience had a better understanding of the importance of the FDP designation and gained insights into the journey of obtaining the FDP Charter. The audience also saw how open-sourced python libraries and financial data from free sources can be used to build innovative quantitative models.

Though our jobs revolve around money, how often do we stop and examine our personal and societal relationship to it? CAIA Atlanta hosted a panel discussion exploring more philosophical thinking about the role of money in our lives. We delved into:

- The benefits of cultivating an abundance mindset vs. a scarcity mindset in ourselves and others.
- The power of generosity and how it can improve our well-being.
- Practical tips to help us earn, spend, invest, and give with purpose.

To support FDP Candidates and those considering the pursuit of the FDP Charter, we offered a brief, live webinar with our Curriculum & Candidate Relations team to help prepare you for your exam experience. A typical Orientation Session includes:

  • Review of sample exam questions.
  • Learn exam-taking tips.
  • Have your questions answered by our exam experts.